In Saint Joseph for the Summer?

Join a Challenge Village

Kicking off May 31st!

What is a Challenge Village?
Villages are co-ed small group fellowships that are for students and neighborhood family outreaches. Villages meet for fellowship, Bible study, outreach (freshmen, neighbors, etc.), prayer-walking, and fun.

  • They’ll be hosted in four different places each week throughout the summer to provide the most opportunities possible for everyone to find a day that works to attend one.
  • In light of all of the COVID19 pandemic restrictions for meetings, we’re asking everyone to please call or text to RSVP before attending so we know who all is planning to attend and so you can find out where the group will meet.
  • CONTACT US HERE for Host information

Meeting Times

Sunday evenings – 6:30 pm
Wednesday evenings – 6:30 pm
Thursdays evenings – 7:30 pm
Saturday mornings – 9:30 am

If you’re in town at all this summer, make plans now to be a part of a Village!

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